Activism Definitions

Alex, Antonia, the Dictionary and You Attempt to Reckon with the Meaning and Value of Activism

Alex's Definition:

Activism: an action or production in service of a political goal.
For me, there are three components to activism: activity, ideas, and outcomes. Activism links doing or making to both a theory and a goal related to world or self-changing. Implicit for me, is the fundamental belief that humans make history, that change happens, and thus, our actions have impact. There are many ways to be an activist, and the best beginning is at home, doing what you already do. Therefore, I often participate as a documentary filmmaker. However, my activism is not simply the making of a film, but rather my associated attempts to link the documentary to a set of ideas and goals about individuals and movements taking control and responsibility of expressing our opposition and analysis using the media.

Antonia's Definition

Questions to consider for your definition of activism:

Is signing a petition activism?
Is pushing a link on a website activism?
Is making a donation activism?
Does the desire to change alone make one an activist?
Does being active in itself make one an activist?
Sometimes outcomes are hard to see or measure, if you don’t know what you achieved are you an activist?
Would you like to be an activist?

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Or give us your definition of activism.

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