A list of methods to evaluate your might.

Antonia moves fellow activists at Chevron headquarters.

Visibility: Do we care about numbers or rather who sees me and in what context?

Numbers: Why would a bigger number matter?

Knowledge: How have we influenced understanding? Raised awareness?
    Are we most interested in persuasion? How and who do we want to teach?

Validity/authority: What will you use this for?

Material Change: Will something tangible come from what we have done?
    Will something be transformed or built; will an alternative be made? 
    Can we create new pathways of engagement or drive policy?

Move People:
Is the goal to build enthusiasm, passion, inspiration?
    To create relevance on the individual scale?
    To raise involvement/participation?

Impact: How do we measure our influence on individuals or institutions?

Make Connections: Can we link people and organizations?

Please make a suggestion for other measures of success here.

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