Antonia, Alex, and our sisters, march against the war in NYC (still from SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age).

So You Want to be an Activist?
Wondering where to start?

1. Begin with an idea:

What needs to change?
On what do I base this belief?
Where can I learn more?

2. Create a realistic plan:
Where can I be effective?
-in my local community?
-through a network to which I already belong?
-through creating a group in my community, on the internet?

What is my goal?
-to create an understandable and repeatable message?
-to change policy?
-to change the thoughts or actions of another person?

How will I measure my success?
How will I know when I am done?

3. Do or make something.
What skills do I have?
What resources do I have?
Can I do this alone?
Is there a group I can join that already shares my goals?

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