Where we ask the question:

What is the worth of local action in this system that values global attention?
What is the meaning of small-scale decency in the face of international greed?

Think of an action that effectively changed what it set out to affect.
You may want to look first at our activist measures of success or resources.
You can post your answers or use them to create a brief write-up.
You can also suggest questions to add to this challenge.

1. How much money was raised for your action?
2. Was it adequate?
3. Who helped you raise it?
4. What other resources did you need? How did you get them?
5. Did the media attend to your action?
6. Did you get as much media attention as you wanted?
7. Who else did you wish to attend? Did they?
8. Did you control your representation?
9. Was your message conveyed effectively?
10. How many people participated in your action?
11. Was this number just right, too many or to little? How did you find them?
12. How did you get information about your action out?
13. Were you understood?
14. How were you all inspired to act?
15. Did you have access to a celebrity or some other kind of powerful person?
16. Did this individual help?
17. Was your action successful. On what terms?
18. How did you know you were done?
19. How did you and your group feel before, during and after your action?
20. What did you leave behind? What did you project for the future?

Please make suggestions for additional questions here…

Please post your answers, or a brief set of observations about them, to be used as a resource for other activists here... 

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