A series of questions about might and change asking you to consider:
How Big Do You Think You Really Are?
If Needed, Could you Fight, or even Win, the Big Fight?
Do you have the SCALE it takes for change?

1. How much money could you raise for a pet project in a week? A month? A year?

2. Who would help you raise it? How many people are you talking about?

3. Do you have access to people or institutions with money? How many?

4. How many degrees of separation are between you and them?

5. What technologies do you have ready access to? Count them.

6. Have you ever been seen by the media? What medium? Count your venues.

7. How many people saw you?

8. How long did the attention last, in days.

9. Were you seen and heard as you would have wished? Were you understood?

10. Did your message reach more people, or was it simply you who became more visible?

11. Was this repeated attention or a one-shot deal?

12. Could you muster such attention again? at will?

13. Do you have ready access to a celebrity? How many degrees separate you?

14. In what ways are you linked to other people? Are you on listserves, in associations, clubs, unions, movements, or other groups? Count them.

15. Do you have access to the memberships of such groups? Are these groups diverse?

16. How quickly can you get information to these people, to other people, in days?

17. When you speak, or act, who listens? How many?

18. Do they understand you? Respect you? Attend to you?

19. What forms of expression or media can you use? Count them.

20. What distribution platforms do you have access to? Count them.

21. When you speak or act around an issue of importance to you, how many people do you reach locally, regionally, nationally, internationally?

22. Is any one hurt, offended or injured because of your words or actions? How many?

22. Do you have to take something from someone to get what you need?

23. Is any one helped, pleased or valued because of your words or action? How many?

24. Do you give something to someone as a consequence of your most valued work?

25. Do people feel better as a consequence of your work?

26. Is your work legal?

27. How would you rate the ethical quality of your thoughts or actions around issues of importance to you?
            The world is better after I act
            My actions leave the world no better or worse
            My actions have a negative effect

28. How would you rate the political value of your valued acts or thoughts?
            My words have a positive impact on the issue I am interested in.
            My words have no value, other than the fact of their expression.
            My words have a negative impact.

29. Are there unintended consequences to your work? Positive or negative?


1. Add 1, 2, 3; Divide by 4; Multiply by 5; Add 6, 7, 8
2. Give yourself pluses (yes) or minuses (no) for
    9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
    (pluses count as 1, minuses as -1: add them and multiply this figure by 10,
    save it for step 4)
3. Divide by 13: Add 14, 16, 17, 19, 20; Subtract 22 and add 23
4. Multiply your total by your plus/minus value from step 2

Are you pleased with your scale value?
Is this number a gross misrepresentation of your power or an adequate representation of your potential?
What fell out of this picture?
What is not measured by this silly scale? Whose scale is this?
What scale would you recommend?

So, maybe you want to try again, and learn from those who’ve effectively scaled for  activism? Want to share your success stories or hear from those who have something to pass on about their effective interactions of stature, power, effect, and impact?

Where we ask the question: DOES SIZE EVEN MATTER?

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